Some time back we started as all entrepreneurs start ..looking for the 3 things: good, pretty and cheap hosting service for the Company’s internet websites and yeah soon We learned that is a lot of competition out there and you easily find very cheap hosting accounts for php websites since it could be done in ubuntu apache etc.. it was ok until We fell in love with dot net websites.

For dot net websites you could find cheap but not reliable service all the time, We tested several services and when We were getting serious with our business then it goes down to no service very slow or no answers for support when we had issues.

So We started searching again now with more experience ..looking for the same 3 things PLUS SERVICE and RELIABLE SUPPORT … We are so glad right now so We want to share it with you since they deserve it for the A+ service, support and the incredible price for what you receive almost everything unlimited for dot net hosting, off course they have more services as VPS etc. We encourage you take a look for those services as well We are talking about : InterServer Great Company , Great people behind that , You could feel it with the service and support in addition to the super price they have.

If you know how to build your web sites reach to them click the name
InterServer and see what We are talking about.

Now, if you need help with your nopcommerce site configuration or to setup your websites , data interfaces , imagen interfaces, general automation , you could reach out to us we have the 3 things PLUS service and support too :).

Unique Strategic Solutions Corporation Team

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